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Work for the dole is illegal.

Government responsible for benefits but no civil conscription.

No Work For The Dole!

The Australian Constitution

Section 51

Sub-section (xxiiiA)

Write to your Federal Member and ask what they think about enslaving the poor. The Prime Ministers Office denies responsibility saying it’s a departmental issue. The office of the "Honorable" Tony Abbot MP, advises that Work for the Dole is not civil conscription because "no one is forced to work for the dole". This is a lie.

Where is the "Mutual" in the much vaunted Mutual Obligation? Ask your local, state and federal politician what they’ve done to fix the economic and social imbalance in our society. Their replies will say X million jobs created and Z billion dollars spent, but more people are out of work and trapped in poverty and all that spending has produced is profits for some.

Over the past few decades, our leaders have overseen the greatest transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich in our brief history. Privatization continues in all government departments. They sell to the rich everything that was once owned by us all. They leave us nothing. Nothing , that is, but the Governments’ "core functions". Which begs the question, what are the Governments’ core functions?

Ask a politician and the silence is stunning. The sound of one hand clapping.

What is the role of Government?

Here’s a quick six-pack.

The role of government is to ensure that the people are:

  1. FED

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The Sniffer Dogs of Civil Oppression - The Police State and your bottom.

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