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Mutual Obligation

Once again our masters are blaming the unemployed for their plight.

The fact that the Government has failed to manage the nations affairs and create full employment is ignored.  Instead they proclaim, that the unemployed must work for their meagre income, and a slave class is born.  Is this the reason for our wealfare system?  No!

Wealfare was created for two reasons:-

to prevent the poor from starving and
to prevent the starving from killing the rich.

Mutual obligation is about survival not slavery.  The Government pays a pittance so the poor can survive and the poor, now able to survive, don't rise up and kill their oppressors .

"The country owes you nothing" shout the rich.  But this is a lie.   Governments have stolen our liberty and they must pay.   No longer can you throw a swag over your shoulder and wander the country as a free person.  You must be part of their economy of lies and theft.  Failure to participate in the economy is a crime.   Where would the noble swagman of our mythology be today?  In a private prison, working to make profit for greedy shareholders, that’s where.

It is now a crime to have less than twenty dollars in your pocket.
It’s a crime to sleep by the side of the road.
It’s a crime to have no visible means of support.

Ancient Druidic Triplet
(Three tests of civil liberty)

Modern Australian Reality


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